Thursday, November 18, 2010

Visit Alona Beach Again

Cebu Pacific start 1 and a half in the morning. There were not a lot of people there, many of them were Korean.

Cafe de Carol was the last shop with hot food and packed with people. Fortunately we could find a starbucks. There we had hot coffee and a hazelnut chocolate chips muffin, which were not bad at all.

I slept during most of the flight time. The plane was more stable than expected.

On arrival we bought the SIM card from the vending machine. I wrongly chose a P100 prepaid card, which was not a SIM, and need to pay P150 again for the tourists' SIM. Later in Hayahay restaurant, while I was sipping the OJ of our breakfast, I found that the P100 prepaid card can be used to fill the SIM.

Taxi driver Boy Chua catched us and we paid him P250 to go to Port One for Ocean Jet. I bought return tickets for both of us, P1,640 in total. Terminal fee being sold but they told me that we do not need to buy. Baggage must be checked-in and
we were proposed to pay P100. We contested as we just read the notice in front of the counter that said fair porter fee should be P10/bag.

Ocean Jet was not as wonderful as many had said. We were in the front of the vessel and it was quite stuffy and hot there. Before arriving, a cockroach was crawling in front of me, making me a bit nervous.

We paid P400 for a van to Golden Palm. It was not a taxi but it's more comfortable. The room was not free yet and so we went to Hayahay to have american breakfast, which was P200 a set, quite expensive. It's a good thing to do to pass the time though. After that we took a walk but it was a bit hot, and soon we found ourselves back at Golden Palm. Fortunately we can have the room already around noon. I bought an 8L bottled water at Golden Palm for P80.

We slept a bit so lunch was skipped. At 6pm we had dinner at Coco Vida. We ordered Grilled Chicken Breast, 2 Grilled Pork Chop, 2 Plain Rice, Mixed Veg Salad in Balsamic Vinegar, Coke and San Miguel. It costed P580. I left P10 tips.

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